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On She Goes is a platform for, by, and about women of color & travel. We're always on the lookout for a good guide that explores cities, "how to," and more. 

If you'd like to submit a pitch that isn't a guide, please take a look at the other available categories

On She Goes loves a good city guide. Take a look at http://www.onshegoes.com/portland/ to get a feel of the types of pieces we're looking for in our Los Angeles city guide. We're not looking for generic city guides, so please think about a unique spin to your guide idea. Do you have a unique perspective or want to share some of your fave places in LA? What's underrated about the City of Angels that you think our readers would love to know about? Where do you take your friends when they visit? Let us know about your Los Angeles beyond all the tourist destinations! 

* Payment varies, depending on the assigned piece.  

Please include the following in your pitch:

Cover letter 
  • Enter your brief cover letter information in the text box below.
  • Introduce yourself and your work, and include clip or samples. 
  • Upload as a single .doc, .docx, or PDF
  • 100-200 word write up outlining your proposed piece.
  • Note type of piece you are pitching: interview, reported article, essay, guide, or a category not listed.
  • If multiple pitches are submitted on the same document, please clearly state that there is more than one pitch.
  • If the a piece references specific locations, please list locations
  • As a travel platform, we would love to see your trips. Your submission will be considered based solely on the written pitch, and we ask for photos to get an idea for visuals to go along with your piece. 
  • Pitch submissions may be accepted even if you don't have photos pertinent to the piece. 
  • Please make a note in your pitch if you do not have photos to go with your piece. In the case that you don't have photography to submit, since it is required below, please upload any photos to give us an idea of what pictures you have access to.  
  • Photos must be your own photography. Photos cannot be licensed, other people's photos, and can't be taken from other websites.
  • We will not use your photos if we don't accept your pitch.
  • If your pitch references specific locations, please include pictures of those locations if you have them. 

Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis, please do not wait until the pitch deadline to submit. 

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